Todd Christian

Todd Christian, born in Columbus, Ohio, by nurturing parents who have been married for 43 years, was awarded All-Conference basketball in high school. With a 42-inch vertical, Christian had his sights set on the NBA most of his life. It was in college, in addition to basketball, that he started bartending, modeling for print, runway and fitness. In his second year of College, Christian won a Massimo Modeling search which propelled him to do work with such companies as Tommy Hilfiger. Christian then decided to give modeling a shot. Due to his decision, basketball did not continue but it sculpted his physique and cultivated him to develop his work ethic to the highest degree. For a change in weather, new adventures and opportunities, and with a head full of ideas, he moved to Los Angeles on New Year’s Day 2006. Since then he’s been self-taught in many disciplines, including production, graphic design, website coding, video editing, post-production, writing, editing and photography. In 2011, Christian created Grandscope Entertainment, producing sponsorship videos, commercial advertisements, website design and developing contacts. During such time he became proficient in script coverage. With his expertise he selected two scripts in which to put his emphasis and as a result is in pre-production of two big-budget feature length films as Co-Producer slated for 2015. Christian began to create his own superhero role after being told by executives at the company behind Man of Steel that “maybe we should have screen-tested you for Superman.” Initially a movie script which took a year of writing, Christian transformed the script into Element X, the comic. Utilizing Comictography, an innovative and groundbreaking genre for modern comics created by Christian, Element X will debut its inaugural comic storyline in 2014.

"Remember your talent reaches further than you could ever imagine"

- Todd Christian

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