Episode #9⎥”SUPERCAST” Spider-Man Homecoming, Avengers 4, Supergirl LIVE ACTION COMICS

Episode #9⎥”SUPERCAST” Presented by: Live Action Comics ⎥July 9, 2017
(Live, Q&A) SuperCast with hosts Todd Christian and Noah Kinsey. We talk about the inner workings of Live Action Comics and weekly Nerd news and answer questions from #live viewers. You can also find us streaming Live on Twitter and Periscope: @LiveActionComic and @thenoahkinsey

Download the 1st addition of Element X for FREE. https://store.liveactioncomics.com/collections/comics/products/element-x-issue-1

Part 1 – We talk about…
‪Spider-Man Homecoming, Avengers 4, Supergirl & other weekly nerd news on SuperCast for @LiveActionComic
Part 2 – We talk about..
We reveal the winner of the first giveaway. Free comics, giveaways, and all stuff @LiveActionComic on Part 2 of SuperCast.
Two free Comics on LiveActionComics.com.
Element X- Issue 1
Element X – FREE "FAN ART"


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