I am Machine

Acclaimed Creator of 'Live Action Comics' designs workout clothing with 'view pocket technology' that will revolutionize the fitness industry

This is the biggest idea to hit the fitness industry...

- Annonamous

Where do you put your phone at the gym? In a locker? Propped on a machine? On the floor? In your waistband? Stuffed in your sports bra? Did you leave it at the last machine? Do you even know where it is? Our product allows you to have your phone on you at all times. This innovative clothing fitness line utilizes mobile devices while being functional, safe, fashionable and usable. What is 'View Pocket Technology?: This technology allows the user to view their mobile device through the clothing while wearing our product. Our specialized mesh holds the phone in place and keeps it secure and stable. 


The safety function allows the user to utilize the phones screen as a flashlight while running or hiking outside as a safety light. MESH: We are working diligently to refine our mesh that will be compatible with most Apple and Android mobile devices.

PHONE EMISSIONS AND MOISTURE PROTECTION:  We are perfecting a barrier that both protects from phone emissions and moisture.  Who is 'I AM MESHĒN'?: We are bringing humans closer to the future by utilizing wearable technology.  The story behind the making of 'I AM MESHĒN' from Creator and CEO Todd Christian: ‘I was running on the treadmill at the gym with my phone propped up and my hand snagged the cord and flung my phone 10 feet! First, I was embarrassed and secondly I was pissed about screwing up my workout. I went to retrieve my phone and I was mortified because I was being starred at by the most attractive people one can imagine. I couldn’t regain my concentration. I stopped my workout and went home. The whole next day I was thinking to myself. Why, isn’t there a place to adequately put your phone? That was 10 years ago. I AM Machine was born.

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