Todd Christian's background

Todd created Grandscope in 2010 but he did not know the direct of the company at the time. He knew that it would come together in the right timing. His faith paid off in the end but it was not without many obstacles. Todd had a meeting with a prominent leader in the movie business in which he had a script that he wanted to show them. The meeting did not go as planned and consequently they were not looking for such a script in that genre. He then had to transform his thinking and re-invent himself and the company. Todd decided to go back to grass roots and build something from scratch that many others have done, knowing that it would take time and patients. He decided to take two of his strengths and combine them. He went to school for graphic design and he had modeled for the last 15 years. Live Action Comics was born. He combined graphic arts with photography. His two passions have become one. Over the years his team perfected the steps. They figured out that “still acting”, special effects, backgrounds, attire, camera angle and props were the key to compiling a Live Action Comic. The combination of these attributes is what sets Live Action Comics apart from regular drawn comics. The script that he showed the company was Element X. They never even read the script due to exclusivity agreements. So, Todd took his superhero and made a Live Action Comic out of it in 2016. The story is currently being made and continues to build up steam.

"Remember your talent reaches further than you could ever imagine"

- Todd Christian

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